Hub Agency

Overseeing and managing everything from operational service to auditing of local agents –  providing cost effective process and time savings on port calls.

At Cory Hub Services our team can integrate seamlessly into your organisation and operate to exactly the same industry standards that you demand. We can oversee and manage everything from financial transactions checking discrepancies in port logs and documentation, operational service and auditing of local agents, to providing cost-effective process and time savings on port calls. All our work is carried out with the exacting attention to detail you expect from your own team.

Cory’s strength lies in the deep understanding of voyage management and client requirements that comes from working on a daily basis with voyage operators, local agents and the port community to provide client specific service to each of our Hub customers. Our hub agency is a leading service provider that integrates seamlessly into your organisation. This means you can be assured of the highest levels of service, plus the highest level of voyage and Contract analysis through our Hub Teams and Shiptrak.

Our Hub Agency Service is designed to complement your own business. As such, it is entirely bespoke. You choose the elements you need. We’ll do all the rest.

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