Argentina – Nationwide Strike // road truck – July 18th – 2016

The strike called by the CATAC (Argentine Confederation of Road Truck for the carriage of goods) and FETRA (Federation of Argentine Transporters) is effective and in force since today (Jul 18th) at 0000 hs LT. It apparently will last for an indefinite period of time. The main demand of both entities is a “rise in the freight value” (approx. 31%) to compensate the rise in diesel, tires and toll dues.

So far, the measure involves only the transport of grain and has a nationwide scope that will affect the access of grain in all the ports (from upriver till Necochea-Bahia Blanca).

We’ll keep you posted about the effects of the strike. Most probably, it will worsen the recovering of the poor stock of corn.

Similar strike took place in 2012 and lasted 4 days (Mar 19-22).-

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