Argentina – Towage Protest

As from 1800 hrs LT, the personnel of tug boats / pushers / fishing boats decided to start a new protest for a period of time still to be determined.
Specifically, the tug boat service is affected by a reduction of the time rendered. It means periods of 9 hrs instead of 12 hrs at orders.
Until situation is sorted out, new schedules for rendering tug boat service are:

Ports of Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca & Necochea:
from 1800hrs to 0300hrs & from 0600 hrs to 1500 hrs

Ports of La Plata, Zarate, Campana, Escobar, San Nicolas, Rosario & San Lorenzo:
from 2100hrs to 0600hrs & from 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs

Delays on berthing / unberthing maneuvers might be expected, on account of the abv described conflict.

What is more, boatmen & linemen are presently evaluating a salary increasement offer just received, which tries to avoid a potential strike announced.
Negotiations are being held and intermediate solutions are expected.

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