Belgium – Bad / stormy weather update – p/s Wandelaar & Steenbank

Due to stormy / bad weather at sea, we have following p/s suspension / restrictions applicable:

1) Wandelaar p/s
– No problem for SWATH operable vessel’s (free board of more than 4,00 mtrs)- Vessel’s with a free board of less than 4,00 mtrs will not be able to receive pilot until the weather improves.

2) Steenbank p/s

No restrictions / suspensions so far

Expect weather to improve as from 08/03 – 00.00 hrs (agw) and both p/s to be fully operational for all vessel’s by that time.

Please find attached weather forecast for upcoming week.
There is some more bad weather expected (especially on Tuesday and Wednesday) so will keep you closely informed

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