Bunkering in Greek Ports


Please note that as per a regulation that was issued by Greek Customs and is already in effect, bunker suppliers that are applying for permission to load bunkers and deliver them to any vessel in a Greek port, need to submit first, among others, a copy of the charter party or contract for the work/service that vessel is providing at the moment.

So far, there is no advice by the customs what solution can be given for vessels that are not chartered and are just hoteling or transiting Greek waters and need to bunker and in case that no charter party or similar contract copy is provided, then taxes will be applied.

Any sensitive commercial information such as the freight rates, were not required to be disclosed, at least for our first bunkering licenses under this status, so they should probably be erased/concealed before sharing CP copy with bunker suppliers.

We here-attach copy of the regulation and a rough free translation of the text body in English.

Also attached is a new order from Customs that amends the initial requirement of a charter-party copy, for the vessels calling in Transit, accepting also in its stead a copy of the B/L or Cargo Manifest, or even the “Agency Declaration” that we submit to customs and indicates that vessel is in laden condition.

For the cases of vessels in ballast condition bound to load in a Greek port, besides the charter-party copy and the contract for the transfer, a “loading order” can be accepted, followed later on, by a copy of the B/L that will be issued at the Greek terminal.

There is still no further advice or change for the vessels that are not chartered.

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