Customs requirements for bunkering in Greece

Good Day,

Further to our previous advice in regards to the issue of additional Customs’ requirements for bunkering in Greece, it seems now that problems have been resolved for the most part.

Now, instead of requiring a CP or a BL, a «declaration of commercial purpose of the voyage» by Master or Owner or Manager or Charterer, stating that bunkering quantities “are destined to be used for the fulfillment of the commercial purpose of the voyage…” will suffice.

We are attaching the file with customs clarification, the two forms (one of which will have to be filled in and signed for any ship that has to bunker in Greece) and the amended customs order, as well as a rough translation of these clarifications in English. We are also re-attaching the two forms (one for vessels under TC and one for vessels that are not under TC) for your easier reference.


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