Diplomatic Situation With Qatar – Update

Updated information is the red bold text:

Qatar:   – Land Border with Saudi Arabia is closed.

– No official comment from Maritime Sector as to any restriction to Marine Traffic or Cargo so far.

UAE:      – An extract from UAE’s official press release:

“Closure of UAE airspace and seaports for all Qataris in 24 hours and banning all Qatari means of transportation, coming to or leaving the UAE, from crossing, entering or leaving the UAE territories, and taking all legal measures in collaboration with friendly countries and international companies with regards to Qataris using the UAE airspace and territorial waters, from and to Qatar, for national security considerations.”

– Land Border is closed to Qatari cargo.
– Qatari Transshipment cargo allowed on board, but not for discharge for Feedering to Qatar.
– Qatari cargo already landed must be cleared through Customs within the next 24 hours.
– Etihad and Emirates have suspended flights to Qatar from this evening – 5th June.
– Immigration of Qatari Nationals has been suspended.
– Qatari Nationals are not allowed to call Fujairah port for any purpose.
– Fujairah Port’s Immigration Department is not allowing personnel to join or sign off vessel if vessel next port / last port is Qatar.
– Fujairah port authorities has issued a Notice to Mariners # 224 on entry restrictions for Qatari flagged vessels and any vessel having Qatar as it’s last / next port of call. * Official port circular has been attached.
–  DNATA has released it’s official circular on cargo restrictions for Qatar bound and transit cargo. * Official circular has been attached.
–  Port clearance for vessels having Qatar as last / next port of call is currently permitted at Abu Dhabi ports.

Bahrain:  – No official changes or statement from Maritime sector so far.

Egypt:    – No official changes or statement from Maritime sector so far.

– Suez Canal verbally confirm no change to Qatari Vessel transits at this time.

Saudi:    – Air traffic to and from Qatar has been suspended.

– No official changes or statement from Maritime sector so far.

Official media updates / government announcements and port circulars will be sent out as soon as we receive them.

NTM 224
DNATA Circular – Doha Cargo Embargo


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