Egypt Update – Qatar Sanctions FAQs

As a quick and easy referral tool, we have put together information for the most frequently asked questions on how the Qatar situation will affect Suez Canal transits and other Egypt maritime related enquiries.

FAQ # 1- Will Qatari Flagged or Owned or Operated vessels be allowed to Transit Suez Canal and call Egyptian Ports?

Answer: In regards to Suez Canal transit, there is no impact and all Qatari flagged or Owned or Operated vessels can transit the Suez Canal smoothly as normal.

In regards to all Egyptian ports there are no official instructions issued yet. At Alexandria port, all operations and port calls for Qatari flagged vessels are running normally.

Qatari crew members are required to sign on / off under police escort to / from seaport to airport with transit visas which will be valid only for 24 hours.

FAQ # 2 – What about Vessels that are carrying cargo in transit to / from Qatar?

Answer:  Transiting cargo through the Suez Canal and Egyptian ports is not questioned unless its Prohibited (i.e., Drugs, Weapons, Nuclear waste, Radioactive material).  

FAQ # 3 – Will Husbandry / Bunkers / Owners matters for Qatari related vessels be affected?

Answer:   All kinds of services at the Suez Canal and/or all Egyptian ports have not yet been impacted and all operations are going on normally.

Other Update – Egypt will be suspending all Qatar Airways flights in and out of the country with effect from today.


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