Extensions And Amendments To Previous Sc Circulars

With respect to the circulars previously issued by the SCA and aimed towards encouraging vessels to transit the Suez Canal by way of rebates, kindly note the amendments attached as well as the extensions granted as follows:

Circular No. 2-2016 : Container Ships coming from East Coast of America and heading directly to South and South East regions of again, shall remain in force until 30/06/2018

Circular No. 3-2016: VLCC (of DWT more than 250,000 tons) that transit the SC after discharging part of the its cargo in “SUMED” pipeline on their round trip coming from the Arabian Gulf heading to the American Gulf or the Caribbean zone, shall be extended until 31/12/2018

Circular No. 2-2017: Dry Bulk vessels coming from ports at East & South Australia heading to ports at North West Europe, shall be extended to 31/12/2018

Circular No. 3-2017 : Dry Bulk vessels coming from Republic of South Africa ports and heading to Mediterranean Sea ports, shall be extended to 31/12/2018

Periodical on Circular No. 2-2016
Periodical on Circular No. 3-2016
Periodical on Circular No.2-2017
Periodical on Circular No.3-2017

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