France Strikes

It will affect manoeuvring locks and bridges in the follwg french ports Dunkirk , Le Havre, Donges (for Gangway..)

In these ports no towage available towage BOLUDA will also be on strike for 24 hrs : LE HAVRE & DONGES/MONTOIR & FOS/LAVERA

In Donges/Nantes/Montoir No tug available fm 28/06 0900 until 29/06 0900

Marseille / Fos-Lavera :
(BOLUDA) on strike fm 28/06 06h00 until 29/06 06h00
(FLUXEL) on strike fm 27/06 22h00 until 28/06 22h00 (nothing official yet but most likely)
Berre lake : no access / bridge not working fm 27/06 22h00 until 28/06 22h00.

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