Fuel Oil Leakage In The Port Of Rotterdam 03.07.2018


Herewith a new daily update on the situation in the 3rd Petroleum Harbour.
Over the weekend, cleaning operations by the Port Authorities have been ongoing. Good progress is made, approximately 180 tons of fuel oil have now been removed from the water surface. Nonetheless, Port Authorities could neither provide us with a timeline nor an expectation for the coming period.

Priority continues to lie with cleaning of the water in the 3rd Petroleum Harbour and with moored vessels. More than 6 vessels and 45 barges still require cleaning. We are conducting efforts to accelerate cleaning of our jetties through co-operation with third parties under supervision of the Port Authorities. Conditions as previously indicated by the authorities are still applicable: entering the harbour and berthing of our jetties remains at captains risk & liability.

In case of new developments we will provide additional updates. Please also consult the website of the Port Authorities (https://www.portofrotterdam.c om/en) for latest updates on the situation.

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