Maritime Market Research an ever changing world, being able to react and adapt is essential to business survival. Being kept well informed with fast and factual information has been a key part of Cory Brothers’ success since 1842. Our maritime market research team compiled significant data, instantly, through our global network, allowing us to make proactive and informed decisions.

You can benefit from the same local expertise, worldwide, with our bespoke maritime market research reports. These are tailored to your requirements and can include vessel movements, port activities, weather, charterers, cargos and more.

We know how important it is to have all the information to confidently plan ahead, and the desire to filter out the noise of the digital world. This is why our maritime market research provides data that is relevant to your trade lanes, commodities and locations.

  • Maritime weather reports.
  • Vessel movement reports.
  • activities.
  • Charterer reports.
  • Rates of exchange.

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Maritime market research reports are used by vessel operators and charterers to stay informed of the current climate. Weather, vessel movements, port activities, equipment positioning, and other factors can all have an impact on worldwide operations. Research reports assist with forecasting in order for vessel operators and charterers to plan accordingly. 

Businesses may use maritime reports when projecting and integrating supply chains, to check for potential pitfalls and plan for contingencies when they occur. 

Cory Brothers market research team compile data from across the globe into actionable reports for our customers. Contact us for more information today.

Maritime market movements for cargo movements help businesses to analyse where trade opportunities are. Vessel operators, charterers, and other business owners can all use maritime market research to identify trends in market fluctuations, and plan for forecasted changes. 

Utilising shipping cargo movement data for projections is a key element in strategising in the global trade market. The data allows businesses to react to changes and position themselves for upcoming opportunities.

Cory Brothers compile shipping market data, from all over the globe, into actionable reports for our customers. Contact us today for more information on our market research.

Charterers benefit from cargo shipping trends by being able to position their vessel capacity where it can be efficiently utilised. Identifying the seasonal, and gradual, changes in cargo movements between areas allows charterers to lease and sell space that is most profitable for their business. 

Cargo shipping trends are also used to plan for contingencies by establishing how the market reacts when crises arise. Being data-driven results in more effective crisis management by charterers and allows them to pivot quicker than those that are not leveraging maritime market research.

Cory Brothers are experts in shipping and collect market data from around the world for our customers. Please get in touch for more information.

Raw data for maritime cargo movements is readily available from several different locations; however, ensuring that the data is clean (complete, up to date, trustworthy, consistent) is essential to creating reliable trend data reports. Using trend data that is incomplete inhibits the planning process as it shows an unrealistic representation.

Cargo movement reports must also provide the level of detail that is required for the industry, without mixing ambiguous data into the 

Cory Brothers collect data from our global network and compile clean trend reports that are useable for our clients. Please get in touch to find out more.

Weather reports are essential in the maritime industry due to the hazards that extreme conditions impose on the transit and handling of cargoes. Notice of high winds, extreme heat, and snow, whether in port or out to sea, is useful for charterers and vessel operators. 

Maritime market weather reports allow vessel operators to plan according to pattern and current weather conditions, as well as adapt to forecasted issues in advance, such as congestion in a future port from weather delays. Charterers can forecast any issues with space or delays in advance, allowing for a more proactive operation. 

Cory Brothers receive daily weather reports from key locations in our network so that we can compile relevant data for our customers. Please contact us for more information