Kiel Canal – Waiting Times

subj.: Kiel-Canal – closure of one big lockchamber at Kiel-Holtenau
on 18.04. until 30.05.2017 and from
06.06. until 18.07.2017

Below further to our circular dated 20.02.2017.

Due to above closure had several meetings with canal authority,
traffic control centers, pilots etc. in order to keep possible
waiting times as short as possible and to make a planning for
canal transits possible.

In consequence vessels arriving from Baltic side for westbound
canal transits are requested to report at least 2 hours
prior arrival Kiel-Lighthouse to VTS Kiel Traffic on
VHF CH 67 or, if no connection, via VHF CH 68 (Fehmarnbelt Traffic).
In accordance with reporting/ETA the vessels will be registered in
traffic system and vessels will receive information about their
number in the row and planned time of entering into the canal lock.

Vessels which do not report but proceed into the Kiel fjord
will not be considered in lock planning.

For eastbound traffic the pre-announcement of lock availability
will be transmitted well in advance and vessels will be requested
to take waiting position near Elbe-1.

The canal authority will keep us informed about advance planning
concerning Kiel-Holtenau and Brunsbuettel on regular base which
we shall publish twice a day (morning and afternoon).

Vessels approaching from Hamburg and other German Northsea ports
are requested to advise their ETS and ETA Brunsbuettel well in
advance in order to be taken into consideration for lock planning.

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