Libya – National Oil Corporation Statement – Shahara and El-Feel fields

NOC confirms re-opening of Shahara and El-Feel fields

Libya’s National Oil Corporation confirmed today the reopening of pipelines connecting the Sharara oil field to Zawiya refinery, and the El-Feel oil field to the Mellitah complex. The pipelines had been blockaded at a key valve at the town of Rayayina since November 2014, in the case of the Sharara line, and since April 2015, in the case of the El-Feel line.

“I welcome the statement by the Rayayina Patrols Company of the Petroleum Facilities Guard, Western Branch, announcing lifting of the blockade on all the pipelines” said NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla

“I want to thank all the parties involved in making this happen,” “Everybody realized that the only route to rebuilding Libya is through cooperation between us as Libyans.”

“There were no payoffs and no backroom deals. For the first time in nearly three years all our oil can flow freely. I hope this marks the end of the use of blockade tactics in our country.”

“This is a very significant event, which will help restore our economy. We will add 175,000 barrels per day to national production within one month and 270,000 b/d within three months. We project that at current oil prices, the opening at Rayayina will add $4.5billion to our projected revenue next year. The important thing now is to ensure that the benefits are felt across the country.”

The Sharara field, operated by a joint venture between NOC and a consortium of Spain’s Repsol, Total, OMV and Statoil is about 800 km to the southwest of Tripoli and has a production capacity of about 330000 b/d. El-Feel (Elephant) field is 200 km to the southwest of Sabha and operated by a joint venture between Italy’s ENI and NOC with production of around 90,000 b/d.

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