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Liner Services

With over 50 years as a liner agent and a worldwide network of agents, Cory Brothers are here to look after your business, wherever you need us to. We provide a comprehensive range of liner agency services to our principles so that they can promote bespoke solutions to their customers.

Our liner agency services cover unitised, temperature controlled, general, and project cargos. As your liner representation in the UK, Cory are here to expand your business through our experienced, practical and flexible network of trusted operatives. 

You can rely on us to manage your business with our vast experience in the following areas:

Liner documentation:

  • Master Bills of Lading (MBLs)
  • Tracking Notes
  • Certificates of Origin (COO)
  • EUR1 Movement Certificates
  • Method Statements
  • Hazardous




Site surveying:

  • Method statement assessments 
  • Risk assessment
  • Decommissioning


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We provide liner services for all cargo types:



Bulk /


Temperature Controlled


Represented Principals


Liner Services - FAQs

How does freight differ between logistics and liner services?

In logistics, ocean freight services refer to the movement of goods by sea by booking with a liner agent. In liner services, this is the arrangement of an additional component to the advertised carriers’ services in order to extend the reach of the principle and obtain a booking. 

An example of arranging freight on behalf of a principle is where the standard service runs from Yantian, China to Rotterdam, Netherlands, but the end destination needs to be in Liverpool, UK. The liner agent will source carriage from Rotterdam to the Netherlands, and back, to make the booking viable for all parties.

Cory Brothers provide comprehensive liner agency services for our principles. Get in touch for more information today. 

What documentation can a liner agent provide?

Liner agents can arrange documentation on behalf of the carrier or shipper of the goods. Master Bills of Lading (MBLs), some hazardous documentation, EUR1 movement certificates, Certificates of Origin (COO) method statements, and tracking notes are all common pieces of documentation that liner agents provide on behalf of their principles. 

Details for documentation must be provided by the party that is arranging the freight, unless the stuffing of the goods is being arranged by the carrier. Once the details of the document have been received, a draft document will be supplied to the shipper for proofing and sign off. 

Cory Brothers provide liner documentation services to our principles around the globe. Please contact us for more information.  

What is the difference between a risk assessment and a method statement assessment?

A risk assessment analyses the risk in a workplace or of a procedure, highlighting the main hazards that need to be considered whilst completing an operation. This is often used as a preliminary for the method statement, which is a comprehensive set of instructions for how a procedure must be carried out to meet health and safety requirements. 

Liner agents can complete method statements as part of site surveyance for decommissioning project sites. This will involve a preliminary risk assessment, before providing details on how to safely and efficiently load all cargo for onwards carriage. 

Cory Brothers provide risk assessments and method statements as a part of our liner agency service. Please get in touch for more information.

What must a method statement include?

A method statement must include all of the important details that relate to the operation being carried out. This inclusive set of instructions will include, but is not limited to, the following: 

Project outline.
Sequence of work. 
Risks involved (or reference to the applicable risk assessment).
The name and signature of the assessor. 
The responsibilities of the parties involved.
The health and safety procedures. 
Any PPE or training requirements.

Method statements provide clarity and reduce confusion when a project has multiple parties involved, and/or is being carried out over a large timeline. 

Cory Brothers provide risk assessments and method statements as a part of our liner agency services. Contact us for more information.

Who is responsible for the documentation of dangerous goods?

In order to transport dangerous goods, documentation must be completed by the shipper and assigned to the manifest by the liner agent. All responsibility for completion of the dangerous goods note (DGN) and the correctness of the details lies solely with the shipper.

Any person who is completing or handling a dangerous goods note must be certified by the corresponding dangerous goods body for the type of transport (EG, ADR for road freight or IMDG for ocean freight).

Cory Brothers facilitate dangerous goods manifesting on behalf of our principles; however, this is only as a provider of liner agency services, and we do not offer completion or guidance on dangerous goods documentation.

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