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Unitised Cargo

As a global liner agency, Cory Brothers provide a range of unitised solutions for whatever cargo you need to move. The availability of both general and specialist equipment, alongside our extensive expertise in shipping, allow us to cater for any type of movement that you need.

Cory can manage your extraordinary cargo with a wide variety of specialist equipment. This flexibility in options mean that we can offer the right unit for your individual needs. Goods that are too tall, wide, or heavy can still be processed and shipped as unitised cargo using this specialist equipment.

  • Unitised:
    • Can hold any type of cargo within the dimensions.
    • Standardised sizes for simplified bookings and quicker turnarounds.
    • Low transport costs from a worldwide network.
    • Easy to store, protect, and stack.

  • Special Equipment:

    • Open tops:
      • Can load cargo that cannot go through standard container doors, or that is too tall for a standard container.
      • Can be lifted and handled like a normal container.
      • Secure lashing points built in throughout.

    • Flat Racks:
      • Convenient loading due to no sides, doors, or top to navigate.
      • Large cargo can be handled as an ISO unit, within certain parameters.
      • Able to accommodate up to 46,000kgs.
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We don't only provide services for unitised cargoes:

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Unitised Cargo Liner Agency Services - FAQs

What types of cargo can be loaded in a unitised container?

Unitised shipping containers can store a large variety of cargoes. Liquid drums, IBCs, pallets, foodstuffs, cartons, and other packaged goods can all be stored in a unitised container. This flexibility of being able to load multiple cargo types in the same unit lends to the efficiency of the worldwide shipping infrastructure. 

Specialised units, such as open tops and flat racks, provide greater flexibility for large cargoes whilst benefiting from a standard handling process. 

Cory Brothers are providers of unitised liner services, worldwide, and can give you advice on the best units for your type of cargo. Get in touch for more information. 

Are all shipping containers the same size?

Shipping container sizes have been standardised and need to be certified by a regulatory body, such as ISO, UIC, TIR, or CSC, before being released into circulation from the manufacturer. 

Standardised container sizes have kept shipping simple for carriers and businesses, allowing an economy of scale to be created. Consistent shipping container sizes have meant that equipment management, turnaround times and costs are all reduced.

Cory Brothers provide unitised liner services around the globe and can assist with finding the right container size for your cargo. Contact us for more information.

What type of cargo is loaded in an open top unit?

Open top units are designed for loading cargo that cannot fit through the doors, or that is it too tall for a roofed container. The open top allows for cargos to be lifted, or tipped, into the container.

Despite holding oversized cargo, open top containers can be lifted and handled as a standard shipping container by carriers. The only limitation is that cargos that are taller than the container must not have any containers loaded on the top of it. 

Cory Brothers are providers of liner services for standard and specialised units. Contact us for more information today.

How heavy can I load into a shipping container?

The maximum weight that can be loaded into a shipping container depends on the size and type of unit, whilst also considering the legal weight limits for the port, rail or road locations that the unit will be passing through. For example, the UK road weight limit is 44,000kgs, inclusive of the vehicle, trailer, container and weight. 

Due to the reduced container weight, heavier commodities are often loaded into a 20’ container so that more cargo weight can be loaded. 

Cory Brothers provide unitised liner services around the globe and can assist with finding the right unit for your shipment. Contact us for advice today.

How is a flat rack unit transported?

Although the unit has no sides or top, flat rack containers are processed like an ISO container. Cargo of any size is easily loaded, without doors and sides to navigate, and then secured to the flat rack for easy transportation.

Flat racks are designed to accommodate heavier loads, up to 46,000kgs; however, this is subject to weight distribution, legal weight limits in transit, and any other health and safety concerns. 

Cory Brothers offer unitised liner services around the globe and can arrange flat rack transportation for you. Contact us for more information.