Local Strike called by stevedores at Siderar terminal / San Nicolas Port

Please be informed that stevedores involved in the operations of Siderar terminal / San Nicolas Port have decided to go on indefinite strike as from March 01st.
As far as it is known, a new stevedores company (Messrs Agunsa) is in charge of the operations at the mentioned terminal and they are negotiating the salary / jobs with the personnel of the previous company (Messrs Loginter). This affects only Siderar terminal at the Port of San Nicolas.

For your good reference, please note below line up of Siderar terminal:
Commercial pier
– Berth free
– MV Santa Francesca / ETA Reca 12.03 / to discharge abt 34655 St. Slabs

Raw material / Coal pier
– MV Recco / Discharged abt  8000 mt of coal (balance to go: abt 41500 mt = abt 5 days of ops) / ops interrupted on account of the strike.
– MV Juda / ETA Reca 21.03 / to discharge abt 45000 mt of coal

Raw material / Iron ore pier
– Berth free
– MV Avocet / at roads awaiting instructions /  to discharge abt 38363 of Limestone
– MV Capetan Costas S / At Recalada (03.03 – 1330 hrs) / to discharge abt 45000 mt of Iron ore
– MV Elsa S / ETA Recalada 16.03 / to discharge abt  45000 mt of Iron ore

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