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Air Freight

When you have a time-sensitive shipment, you need airfreight services from Cory Brothers. Our cost-effective, rapid-response, global network provides you with the airfreight solution that you need to run your business effectively. However small or large your shipment, we are here for you.

We can arrange everything from door to door. Cory Brothers’ air and ground networks integrate seamlessly to give you one service, based on the result that you need. We understand the value of your supply chain and take care of the details for you.

Your paperwork will be handled by us. As experts in documentation and customs clearance, we will have your shipment entered ahead of time so that the risk of delay is minimised. Cory Brothers understand that time is your money, so we never waste it.

  • Flexible options for your preferred INCOTERMS.
  • Integrated land and air operations.
  • Electronically linked to all airports in the UK for customs clearance.
  • Global network.

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Air Freight Services - FAQs

How is air freight cost calculated?

Air freight costs are calculated against the chargeable weight of your shipment. The chargeable weight for your airfreight is either the real weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is greater. Larger volume, lighter goods take up more space in the aircraft so airfreight costs reflect this.

When calculating volumetric weight for your airfreight costs, the calculation is 167kg per m3. To get your volumetric weight, take your height by length by width (HxLxW), to get the volume, then times by 167kg. If your cubic volume is in inches, then divide your total by 61,024 to get the m3 first. 

The chargeable weight is then applied to the airfreight and terminal costs, then added to all of your other costs for collection, customs clearance and delivery for your total air freight cost calculation. There are other charges that may be applied by HMRC and airlines so please check before shipping.

Cory Brothers are able to assist with air freight cost calculations, contact us for more info. 

How much is air freight from China to UK?

How much air freight is from China to the UK depends on the chargeable weight (whichever is higher out of the actual weight and volumetric weight), the speed that your require the goods to be delivered in and how high the competition is for airfreight at the time of getting a quote.

Your air freight and terminal handling costs for china to UK will be based against your chargeable weight, then your customs clearance and haulage fees will be added to give your total air freight cost. Air freight rates can vary greatly so it is best to enquire instead of estimating your costs.

Cory Brothers offer competitive and flexible air freight, get in touch for more info.

What is the maximum weight for air freight?

The maximum weight for air freight depends on the type of equipment (airfreight pallet or airfreight container) is required and the volume of your goods. If you use an M-6 airfreight container, then your can have a maximum cargo volume of 33m3 and a maximum gross weight of 11340kgs.

When determining the maximum weight for your airfreight, speak to your airfreight forwarder about the best sized shipment for your shipment. They will help you factor in all of your costs for airfreight so that you can calculate the most cost-effective plan for shipping your airfreight orders.

Cory Brothers are here to help you get the most from your air freight forwarders. Contact us today.
If your goods are coming from China to the UK, the ocean freight will take approximately 30 days to get to the Port of Felixstowe, or 36 days to get to the Port of Liverpool. This is because most vessels from China will go to Felixstowe but Liverpool containers will need transhipping in Europe first.

From arrival, your goods will be booked for delivery to you. This is usually within 5 days because of container free time but there may be longer free time available with certain carriers. To collect the container, it must be customs cleared and the Bill Of Lading presented to the carrier.

For LCL shipments, the container will usually be devanned and your goods available for collection within a week. However, even if your shipment is customs cleared, if there is a holdup of one consignment within the groupage container with Port Health, the container will remain in port.

Cory Brothers can give an accurate forecast for whatever movements you need. Contact us today.

Is air freight more expensive than sea freight?

Air freight is more expensive than sea freight per kg / m3. Airfreight has shorter (and more reliable) transit times and removes the need to have goods stored in a warehouse, which both factor when considering the value of shipping by air. 

Air freight is often used for fast delivery of goods, or samples, that would cost the business to wait for. For example, a manufacturing line could be stood down until a part arrives or a company could not have a product to show to prospects at a fair, so it is worth the cost of airfreight to have them.

Cory Brothers are air freight forwarders you can rely on when you need it most. Get in touch now.

What is the maximum height for air freight?

The maximum height for air freight is usually 160cm, including the pallet base if the goods are palletised. If your goods are higher than this, then there will be less availability (and potentially higher costs) for your airfreight as your goods will need to be shipped on a freighter plane.

The recommended maximum dimensions for airfreight are 2.44m x 3.15m length and width. Longer or wider shipments can be air freighted but will need to be packed on specialist equipment. For goods that are over 2m long or wide, extra stability is recommended to strengthen against flexing.

Cory Brothers can recommend the best way to air freight your goods. Contact us for more info. 
During normal times, ocean freight fluctuates around $900 for a 20’ and $1800 for a 40’ from China to the Pot of Felixstowe in the UK. The transit time, terminal charges and the free time differ by carrier so these should also be factored in when deciding which carrier to use for your ocean freight.

LCL shipments will incur a fraction of the costs for container handling, as this is shared between all of the consignments inside a container. However, there will be other fees (again, as a fraction) incurred for the additional handling, administration and transporting of your shipment from the co-loader.

At Cory Brothers, we give you the best ocean freight options for your business. Get in touch today.