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Road Freight

Cory Brothers operate daily full load and regular groupage trailers between the UK, Europe and beyond. With our road freight services including ADR, temperature-controlled and project cargos, we can transport whatever sized goods you need, to wherever you need it to go.

Communication is at the centre of our road freight network, allowing us to keep you reliably informed of your cargo’s progress. It is this infrastructure and Cory Brothers’ personal and professional relationships that make the difference.

Customs clearance is an integral part of our road freight service, including coordination with the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS). Our specialist team are on hand to process your documentation in an efficient and proactive manner, ensuring that your supply chain remains uninterrupted by customs delays.

  • Daily full loads between the UK, EU and beyond.
  • Dangerous goods (ADR) equipped vehicles accessible.
  • Temperature controlled units available.
  • Customs clearance provided for international movements.

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We don't only provide EU road freight services:







Road Freight Services - FAQs

Do I need a CMR document for international road freight?

A CMR is required to carry goods by road internationally. The CMR must be completed by the time of loading the goods and must travel with the load. The CMR can be completed by either the haulier or the shipper. 

A CMR must contain all of the details of the load. This includes, but is not limited to:

The shipper’s address.
The destination address.
The carrier (hauliers) details, including vehicle registration.
The quantity and weight.
The description of goods.
The countries involved in the route.

Cory Brothers are experts in all road freight documentation. Contact us for assistance with your CMR today.

What does freight transport by road mean?

Road freight transport is moving goods between places using a road vehicle. The loading and unloading points can be within the same country, or into many countries. If the goods are not within the same country, then the goods will need a CMR to accompany them. They may also need a customs declaration to export the goods in the first country and import in the second.

Movement of the vehicle on a ferry would still be a road freight movement. Check with your haulier for their terms and conditions on ferry-transported road freight.

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How is road freight calculated?

Road freight charges are calculated using the running costs of the vehicle per mile, the origin, and destination(s) plus the business overheads. Shorter journeys attract a higher price per mile due to the load and unloading times being a consistent element. A shorter journey may also mean the driver cannot do another job within their working hours, therein making the single delivery less cost effective.

If the vehicle is operated as a sub-contractor owner, where there is no operator involved, the costs are likely to be lower and more. This is because there are less associated cost overheads.

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What does groupage mean in shipping?

Groupage involves transporting several part loads together in one full load. This means that one pallet will not cost the same as a full load to be transported. The vehicle costs, fuel, driver’s salary and toll charges will be equally divided amongst all of the loads. 

Sending part loads, or groupage, is still not as cost effective as sending a full vehicle. This is because the load and unload time will be factored into the costs. There will also be additional admin and routing work required by the road freight operator.

Cory Brothers run an efficient and cost-effective groupage service. Contact us today.

What is a part truck load?

A part truck load is similar to a groupage load but has some benefits of a dedicated load. The vehicle will still have multiple loads, but a part truck load will take up a significant portion. The vehicle will then have less loads overall, and benefit from reduced routing, so more priority can be given. There will also be less time spent driving between different drops. This reduces the vehicle costs and driver’s time compared to a groupage load so savings can be passed on. 

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