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Project Logistics

If you are managing a supply chain that requires several moving parts to arrive on schedule, Cory Brothers are here for you. We have been managing project logistics for businesses like yours for over 180 years and are the go-to for many industries. 

Whether you are shipping heavy cargo, transporting wind turbines or managing offshore construction, you can rely on us to get it done. Our worldwide network is built upon strong partnerships, providing you with assurance that your business is in safe hands.

We aim for your cargo to arrive on time and to avoid additional costs. This is why we work with you to meticulously plan your project schedule and provide a cost-effective, risk-averse and efficient solution. 

  • Global network.
  • Specialists in air, road and ocean freight.
  • Customs clearance experts.
  • Documentation checks and processing. 
  • Proven excellence over 180 years.
  • Chartering for land, air, and sea.
  • Personal account management.

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Project Logistics Services - FAQs

Why is it important to control the cost of warehousing?

It is important to control the cost of warehousing as any ongoing additional costs can quickly affect your profit margins. If your goods are in a competitive market, factoring in the cost of warehousing and having a smaller profit margin can mean there is little room for additional warehousing costs.

Having larger amounts of goods stored also make it important to control the costs of warehousing as this is a big weekly cost. Without a plan to move the goods on within a certain timeframe, warehousing costs can quickly become unmanageable and severely affect your bottom line.

Cory Brothers offer cost-effective warehousing all over the UK. Get in touch for more info. 

What is project logistics?

Project logistics is the organisation of a large number of connected movements, over a long period of time. This needs to be done around the processing of the goods at the destination and can involve multiple suppliers. 

An example of where a specialist project logistics supplier is required is the transportation of wind turbines. The parts will need to arrive in order and will require different suppliers for concrete, steel parts, electronics and machinery. Some of these items also require specialist movement due to size.

Cory Brothers get everything to you when you need it. Contact us to begin planning today. 

What is project logistics management?

Project logistics management is the planning and overseeing of a movement schedule for a venture at a single destination. The managers check schedules and ensure that everything is delivered to the final destination in time. If the goods cannot be there on time, they look into contingencies in good time.

An example of where logistics management is needed is for an offshore construction project, like an oil rig. All of the different components will need to come from multiple sources but need to arrive on the building schedule. This involves specialist movements inland and on the sea.

Cory Brothers are experts in global project logistics. Get in touch with us for more information. 

How do you transport wind turbines?

To transport wind turbines you need specialist logistics suppliers. The blades are too large to be carried overseas in a container, or by road on a normal trailer. The routes also have to be specially selected in order to avoid overbearing headwinds or tight turns that will endanger the vehicle. 

Many wind turbines are manufactured overseas and require a lot of planning to transport to their destination. For this reason, it is best to use a specialist logistics provider who has global experience in transporting wind turbines.

Cory Brothers have transported wind turbines to inland and offshore locations. Contact us for more information today.

How much does it cost to transport a wind turbine?

The cost of transporting a wind turbine largely depends on the location and the size of the blades. The cost will be greater if the wind turbine parts need to be transported across the sea or to a remote area. There will also be more planning involved if the routes are especially sensitive to extreme weather.

Transporting smaller wind turbine blades can allow for rail movements and will also make the number of available road routes greater. Longer blades need to take into account road turns and are more sensitive to weather risks.

Cory Brothers will find the most cost-effective solution for you. Get in touch today.