Cory Renewables offers specialist logistics services to renewables developers, supporting the construction of wind farms and wave and tidal energy plants.

Spurred on by ambitious targets to cut carbon emissions, the UK has already targeted a growing number of offshore sites to develop wind farms, and wave and tidal energy technologies.

Cory’s renewables team is the partner you can rely on to ensure timely and cost-effective completion of construction contracts on this scale. We specialise in planning and scheduling, market and supplier knowledge, problem solving, troubleshooting, costing and budgeting.

We’ll support your own team, implement workable arrangements and offer practical advice at every stage. We’ll lift the burden of paperwork and compliance with regulation. We’ll plan, implement and supervise arrangements for everything required. Whether you need a complete service or a specific resource to dovetail with your own team, Cory can provide you with manpower, skills and experience.

With our specialist expertise, our worldwide network of trusted contacts, our local knowledge and our network of offices, our team will make the crucial difference.

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