Cory-Navarm serves the nuclear industry, particularly around EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point C power station, along with other energy-related projects with a need for maritime and land-based services.

Cory-Navarm is a joint venture between Cory Logistics and universal supply chain specialist Navarm Limited. Cory-Navarm is a single source provider for a full suite of maritime and land based services for the nuclear newbuild industry.

Based in Somerset, UK, Cory-Navarm serves the nuclear industry, particularly in the West Country where EDF Energy is developing the Hinkley Point C power station. Elsewhere, Cory-Navarm works with other energy-related projects that have a need for maritime and land-based services.

The joint venture combines the services, resources, capability and facilities of Cory Logistics Ltd and Navarm Limited, backed by global Braemar Shipping Services PLC.


  • Jetty and port operation
  • Ships agency and technical services
  • Loading and discharging services
  • Environmental services
  • Land-based logistics
  • Security services
  • Project cargo handling & storage
  • Waste management
  • Indivisible load management to support all types of nuclear new build supply chain requirements

Working with the other Braemar companies, Cory-Navarm will enable nuclear industry primes, tier 1 and subsequent tier suppliers to reduce costs in the complex nuclear supply chain by sourcing all requirements from a single source service provider.

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