Lybia – Fighting in the oil crescent (2)

Please find below NOC express its concerns about fighting in the oil crescent:

NOC yesterday reported that the Maltese flagged vessel Seadelta, which‎ is due to load a cargo of Amna crude oil from storage tanks at Ras Lanuf, has been withdrawn to a‎ safe distance offshore as part of the emergency plan after a fresh outbreak of fighting near the port.

“This is a precautionary measure and The board are in an ongoing meeting with the heads of our operating companies in oil crescent area” said NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla. “We‎ understand the port of Ras Lanuf itself has not been affected by the fighting so far, though the situation is in flux.”

The crude oil expected to be aboard Seadelta is due to be taken to Italy.

NOC said one crude oil storage‎ tank at Es Sidra, tank number 12, which was previously damaged in fighting at the port in January this year but still contained crude oil, was set alight during fighting this morning and our firefighting teams dealing with it and we expect to control the fire shortly.

“We ask the combatants to avoid taking actions that could damage out vital national infrastructure,” said Sanalla. ‎”Our national recovery depends on these ports being open and our oil flowing freely.”

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