Netherlands – Rotterdam – Fuel Oil Leakage In The Port Of Rotterdam

Yesterday (23-06-2018) an incident occurred in the 3rd Petroleum harbour (Port of Rotterdam) resulting in a fuel oil spill.


The incident happened with a vessel at the jetty of the  LBC Botlek Terminal, located in the 3rd petroleum harbour which is located in the Botlek area.


Rotterdam Port Authorities decided to fully close the 3rd petroleum harbour and parts of the botlek area and other parts of the harbour meaning that both barges and vessels are not allowed to enter/leave the 3rd petroleum harbour.


Authorities started cleaning procedures, which may take several days and as a consequence closure of 3rd Petroleum harbour could last beyond the weekend.


Above might also cause severe delays for any vessels/barges arriving in Rotterdam within the next upcoming days/weeks so please be aware of same.


We are in close contact with the authorities and will keep you updated on progress. Next scheduled information update will be on Monday.


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