New Bahamas Immigration Procedures And Requirements For Short Term Work


We would like to inform you that effective immediately, Bahamas Immigration has now implemented a new system for the processing of short term work permits. Applications should be submitted before the prospective person/s arrives to The Bahamas. Once the application has been submitted with all of the relevant documents, where practicable, the application for 1-30 days is reviewed on the spot by a designated officer.  If approved, payment for the short term permit is also expected at this time.  If not the application is not approved on the spot,  a response will be sent to the employer (Elnet Maritime) within 1-7days. Note that all of the information requested has to be submitted to Bahamas Immigration minimum 24hrs prior to arrival of the person/s and submitted between Monday – Friday 9am-1530hrs.

The following are the information required to prepare a short term work permit:

  • Complete Application Form (attached)

Two (2) current passport photos of applicant on white background with name printed on the back. Photo must have been taken within six (6) months of applicant  and photo size must be 2x 2inches

Valid copy of biographical page of passport for applicant (must be signed and readable and have six (6) months validity)

We thank you for your continued cooperation and support and we look forward to a smooth transition to the new system.  Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions, we would be happy to assist.

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