Notice – Regulation Update – No. 82 of 2017 – Import/Export of Coal, Rice and CPO

Please be advised that Indonesian Government has recently socialized regulation #82 of 2017 signed off on 26 October 2017 related to Import/Export of Coal, Rice and CPO, which indicates only Indonesian flagged vessels may be used and insurance cover for the export of Indonesian Coal, Rice and CPO. As stated in the regulation, if there is currently not the capacity for Indonesian flagged vessels / insurance coverage to handle this requirement then foreign vessels / cover may be used, but also states that a monthly report is required to be produced and uploaded to government website before the 15th of the following month detailing the vessels used for the previous month. Information to be uploaded to the following site: . The report format is provided in the annex of the attached and will be the responsibility of the Importer / Exporter to arrange. There could also be some requirement for this report to act as supporting document for vessel clearances, but this still needs to be clarified.

Those Importers / Exporters in breach of the regulation may receive a warning letter but also possibly have their licenses suspended or revoked.

The regulation indicates that it will come into force six months from enactment, which means 26th April 2018.

We will be monitoring this and keep all updated in case of any additional information or changes that become available.


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