Operational Updates

Pls find herebelow daily terminal situation at BTC & BOTAS Terminal / Ceyhan.

CEYHAN MARINE TERMINAL ( Azeri Crude Oil Liftings )

Vsls At Berth
Cgo 85.000mts
Berthed 17.02.2017-01:30hrs
Commenced Loading 17.02.2017-03:00hrs
Completed Loading 17.02.2017-15:30hrs
Sailed 17.02.2017-19:00hrs
Total Loaded 83.945mts

“Eleni”Charterer/Irving–Cgo 135.000mts
Berthed 18.02.2017-01:00hrs
Commenced Loading 18.02.2017-02:00hrs
Completed Loading 18.02.2017-21:54hrs
Sailed 19.02.2017-02:00hrs
Total Loaded 140.228mts

“Nissos Therassia”Charterer/Bp–Cgo 85.000mts
Berthed 19.02.2017-01:00hrs
Commenced Loading 19.02.2017-02:00hrs
Completed Loading 19.02.2017-13:00hrs
Sailed 19.02.2017-17:00hrs
Total Loaded 84.061mts

“Nissos Paros”Shipper-Charterer/Socar–Cgo 85.000mts
Berthed 19.02.2017-18:48hrs
Commenced Loading 19.02.2017-20:30hrs
Ets 20.02.2017-15:00hrs

“Absheron”Shipper-Charterer/Socar–Cgo 85.000mts
Berthed 20.02.2017-02:00hrs
Commenced Loading 20.02.2017-03:00hrs
Ets 20.02.2017-19:00hrs

Vsl At Anchor

Expected Vsls
“Nissos Schinoussa”Shipper-Charterer/Socar–
Cgo 85.000mts and expected to arrive 22.02.2017

“Astipalaia”Shipper-Charterer/Socar–Cgo 260.000mts and expected to arrive 27.02.2017

BOTAS TERMINAL (Kirkuk&Krg Crude Oil Liftings )

Vsls At Berth

“Marika”Krg–Cgo 135.000mts
Berthed 19.02.2017
Sailed 20.02.2017

“St.Olivia”Krg–Cgo 85.000mts
Berthed 19.02.2017
Ets 20.02.2017

Vsl At Anchor

Expected Vsls

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