Panama Canal Daily Information

Information as of June 14TH , 2017

A. Panama Canal Authority Notices& Advisories to Shipping

Latest Advisory: A-19-2017 Panama Canal Locks Lane and Culvert Outages and the Transit Reservation System
Latest Advisory: A-18-2017 Monthly Canal Operations Summary – MAY 2017
Latest Advisory: A-17-2017 Proposed Modifications to the Panama Canal Tolls Structure
Latest Advisory: A-15-2017 Modification to Fuel Requirements in Panama Canal Waters
Latest Advisory: A-13-2017 Online Bank Guarantee Requests through the Panama Canal Maritime Service Portal
Latest Advisory: A-12-2017 Panama Canal Locks Lane Outage and the Transit Reservation System
Latest Advisory: A-11-2017 Guarantee of Payment Requirement for Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP)
Latest Advisory: A-10-2017 Panama Canal Locks Lane Outage and the Transit Reservation System
Latest Advisory: A-08-2017 Mooring Line Requirements Reminder
Latest Advisory: A-07-2017 Implementation of Water Conservation Measures
Latest Advisory: A-06-2017 New Public Relations Services Tariff
Latest Advisory: A-04-2017 Maneuvering Fuel
Latest Advisory: A-03-2017 Reduction in the Number of Available Booking Slots to Reduce Vessel Backlog
Latest Advisory: A-01-2017 Panama Canal Locks Lane Outage and the Transit Reservation System

B. Present Waiting times for non-booked vessels

                              Northbound  Southbound

Supers (91′ in beam & over)         2 days      2 days

Regulars (less than 91′ beam)       2 days      2 days


Please remember that the PCA offers the booking / auction system as an alternative to avoid delays and / or reserve a slot on a desire date, just please bear in mind that spaces are limited and in high demand which makes them difficult to obtain a slot if the customers are not regular Canal users.

 C. Transit Information

For June  15TH, 2017

Northbound  Southbound

Arrivals                            23    21

Transits                            12    17

Vessel due                          35    34

Vessels booked                      07    08

For June  14TH, 2017

Northbound  Southbound

Arrivals                            16    23

Transits                            13    17

Vessel due                          35    34

Vessels booked                      04    06

Canal normal daily capacity is 38-42 transits.

  1. The amount of ships Arriving and Remaining for transit will vary as ETA of vessels should change.
  2. Please find attached booking slots available per day list for your appraisal.
  3. Canal Operations Summary for previous month.


D. Locks maintenance schedule

Dates Days/Hrs Miraflores Pedro Miguel Gatun Estimated Capacity Status
19,29 June 2017 10 Hours per Days East Lane* 28-30 Tentative
20,30 June 2017 10 Hours per Days West Lane* 28-30 Tentative
21-28 June 2017 8 Days Center Wall*** 26-28 Tentative
21 , 24 June 2017 4 Hours per Day East Lane* 26-28 Tentative
23,26 June 2017 5 Hour per Days East Lane* 26-28 Tentative
13,14 July 2017 5 Hours per Day West Lane* 32-34 Tentative
1-10 August 2017 10 Days East Lane** 22-24 Tentative
5-10 August 2017 6 Days East Lane Sidewall*** 22-24 Tentative
12, 13 September 2017 5 Hours per Days East Lane* 32-34 Tentative
15 September 2017 10 Hours East Lane* 28-30 Tentative

*The normal transit capacity of the Panama Canal is 34-36 vessels per day, depending on vessel mix and other factors. This capacity is reduced during locks maintenance work, as indicated in the above table. Consequently, vessels may experience delays in transiting. Normally, during these periods, the Panama Canal Transit Reservation System slots are fully utilized. Whenever a set of locks requires a major outage of one of its two lanes for dry chamber inspection, miter gate repairs, tow track work or other major maintenance/improvement projects, advantage may be taken to perform simultaneous single lane outages at other locks.

**In order to perform required maintenance on the northeast entrance.

 F. Panama Canal Auction System

Auction Date      Transit Date      Auction Bid            Vessel Name                         Customer Code

NO      BID

NO      BID

NO      BID

G. Weather

Please click for updated Panama weather forecast


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