Panama Canal Information

Attached Advisory 21-2016 with announcement of Canal Lane Outage from May 4 – 6.

Additionally attached Advisory 23-2016 with announcement of Postponement of 3rd Draft Restriction.

Following updated condition of estimated amount of vessels waiting for Panama Canal Transit at both ends of the Panama Canal:

33 vessels waiting for transit at 0001hrs/04
30 vessels waiting for transit at 0001hrs/05
33 vessels waiting for transit at 0001hrs/06

20 vessels arrived today (May 04). Total 23 vessels scheduled for today (May 04).
28 vessels arriving tomorrow(May 05). Total 25 vessels scheduled for tomorrow (May 05).

Current waiting times for Supers – 1 to 2 days
Current waiting times for Regulars – 1 to 2 days

ADV21-2016 Panama Canal Locks Lane Outage and the Transit Reservation Sy…
ADV23-2016 Postponement of Third Draft Restriction

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