Project move to the Ukraine

Purpose built oilseed extraction plant to Ukraine from China, Malaysia, USA and Europe

Cory Logistics have been awarded a contract to ship equipment for a new purpose built oilseed extraction plant to Ukraine from China, Malaysia, USA and Europe.

Prior to being awarded the contract, we travelled to Ukraine to carry out a detailed site and route survey from the arrival ports to the factory site to ensure that the largest pieces could be safely delivered to the site.

The contract involved moving in excess of 4,000 freight tonnes, the largest pieces being 12.71m diameter x 6.17m high, weighing 128 tons and 26m long x 4.0m diameter weighing 130 tons.

The largest piece of equipment was fabricated in Malaysia close to Port Kelang, in order to handle it safely without risk of distortion or damage in transit, we assisted in the design of a special transport frame. Because of the complex design of this piece of equipment, detailed calculations were made by our Naval Architects to ensure the securing and lifting points were positioned in the correct place on the equipment and were strong enough to cope with the stresses imposed on the equipment during loading and throughout the long sea voyage.

The fabrication of this piece was carried out on a nearby jetty to the main factory. This meant it could be self loaded using an SPMT onto a flat top barge for direct delivery to our geared chartered vessel moored at the break bulk terminal in Port Kelang. Over 1,700 freight tonnes of other over-sized pieces were delivered to the vessel by road.

The second largest piece was fabricated in Wuhan, China and because of its size, this piece was also delivered to our second geared charter vessel in Shanghai by barge.

In addition to the over-sized cargo, we moved over 30x 40ft unit loads which included dry vans, open top containers and flatracks.

To comply with the shippers warranty insurance on the largest piece, we compiled a Transport Manual detailing every stage of the movement from the fabricators factory to the final footprint delivery point in Ukraine. This included a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement for each leg of the journey.

Upon arrival in Ukraine, we arranged with our agent to have transport ready to take delivery of the over-sized cargo directly from the vessel’s to the final footprint delivery points on the factory site.

To transport the two largest pieces required a 10 axle 15m x 6m SPMT and a special extended 38m long 15 axle tractor and trailer combination.