SENASA inspection – Argentine ports / Important – Feb 25th 2017

Please note that in the attempt to diminish bureaucracy and/or the well-known “Senasa issue” with inspection of the vessels (B/C and tankers) at anchorage, the new Government would set up a new system to determine the load readiness of ships’ compartments.

The new regulation would enter in force on March 01st and main point is that holds/tanks inspection by Senasa surveyors at roads would be discontinued. Such inspection would be delegated by Senasa Office to third parties, i.e. the inspection of Senasa would be outsourced to private control companies (duly registered in Senasa office).

The exact points of the regulation have not yet been disclosed and they might not been even finalized. Therefore, at this stage it is difficult to inform you in advance how the procedure will be.

Some points to highlight:
Inspections at anchorage will be discontinued, but its’ still to be confirmed whether Senasa surveyors will make any inspection of holds/tanks once ship is at berth. It makes a big difference, mainly in southern ports (Necochea and Bahía Blanca) where inspections are performed at berth (not at anchorage). Everything leads to think that Senasa surveyors would not make any inspection at all, but it is hard to predict it right now.
It is still to be defined how long it will take for Senasa office to authorize the load commencement as from the time private surveyors present all documents/evidence of holds/tanks approval.
When phytosanitary certificate is required, Senasa surveyors would still perform the normal surveying/sample taking of the cargo at the terminal (loading belt).

Hopefully, on March 01st, 2017 (next Wed.) we will witness the applying of this new controlling system by Senasa.

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