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Offshore Ships

Reactive, competent and experienced, Cory Brothers are the ideal choice for your offshore ships agency. Providing 24/7 shipping and husbandry services for tugs, jack-up rigs, cable layers and other support vessels, we are here to ensure that your operation runs smoothly.

The Cory offshore ships agency provides a single point of contact, around the clock, so we are here when you need us. We understand that your time is of the essence and our extensive network is on hand to react to your customs clearance, mobs/demobs and port bookings.

When there is no berthing option available, Cory Brothers react to make sure that your vessel is not kept standing still. Our launch services are available to you, day and night, to ensure that your vessel remains stocked with the spares, provisions and other chandlery items that you need.


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Offshore Ships Agency Services - FAQs

What is offshore in shipping?

Offshore shipping involves servicing operational sites that are out to sea, such as rigs, explorational outposts and construction projects. Offshore support vessels provide transportation of materials, crew, and other supplies that are required on site. 

Offshore ships agency involves reacting to the dynamic needs of the offshore support vessels. Crew mobs/demobs, husbandry services, ship spares and chandlery, and other vessel provisions need to be efficiently managed by an offshore port agent so that vessels can continue to effectively support their site.

Cory Brothers provide rapid offshore shipping agency services through our network to ensure that vessels are never standing still for long. Contact us for more information today.

What are offshore launch services?

Offshore launch services are the provision of ships agency services to a vessel that is not able to get into port. The vessel will wait offshore whilst any husbandry services are provided by smaller vessel off a launch site. 

Offshore launch services are provided when a vessel cannot get a quick berthing or is too large to be alongside the port. This allows the vessel to be serviced without needing to wait or travel to a port that can services them alongside. 

Cory Brothers support the offshore shipping industry by efficiently providing vessels with what they need, wherever they need us. Contact us for more information. 

What is offshore husbandry?

Offshore husbandry is the arrangement of everything that a vessel needs to remain operation, without the vessel being alongside port. Offshore husbandry involves launch services, where all transportation between a vessel and the shore must be arranged with smaller vessels from a launch point. 

Offshore husbandry services include arrangement of mobs/demobs, ship spares and chandlery, hospitality bookings, medical appointments, and any other provisions that a vessel needs from the shore. 

Cory Brothers provide husbandry services for vessels around the globe, whether in port or offshore. Contact us for more information today. 

What does an offshore ships agency do?

An offshore ships agency provides a vessel with everything that it needs whilst in port, or via offshore launch services if the vessel is unable to call into a port. An offshore ships agency will arrange port/launch bookings and husbandry services on behalf of the vessel operator. 

An offshore vessel supplies operational sites that are out to sea, and often requires a reactive service in order to meet their dynamic schedules. Offshore ships agents have a reactive network that can provide a vessel and its crew with everything that it needs to keep moving.

Cory Brothers have a worldwide network of ships agents, ready to react wherever our principles need us. Contact us for more information. 

Who services offshore vessels?

Offshore vessels are serviced by shipping and husbandry agents. A vessel owner will contract an agent to arrange everything for the upkeep of the vessel, such as crew changes, maintenance, ship spares and chandlery, and other provisions.

Due to the dynamic nature of the industry, offshore vessels sometimes require reactive services from a port agent to stay operational. This can mean offshore launch services, where the vessel is serviced without being in port, may be needed in order to adapt to a port booking being unachievable. 

Cory Brothers are an offshore ships agency, serving our principles around the globe. Contact us for more information.