Strike warning at Donges (France) – Oct 16th ** difficulties in putting/removing shore gangway **

Please note we just learnt that strike will also be in effect on 13.10 for 24 hrs, in addition to 16.10 or 24 hrs.

Same conditions at Donges apply, which are reminded as below for your guidance:

no shore crane for positioning/removing the shore gangway.

Ship’s accommodation ladders could be used provided they can match with the shore technical restrictions. However their use remain subject to the approval of TOTAL Donges Terminal.

In the case the accommodation ladder cannot match with the berth particulars, the vessel will be not allowed to berth during this time period.

Lastly, vessels at port which will be using the shore gangway will not be authorized to sail.

All information provided in good faith but without guarantee.

We will keep you closely advised of further developments.

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