Suez Canal Economic Zone ( Port Said Port Authority) – Periodical Concerning The Changing Of Tariff

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port said port authority – suez canal economic zone

Pls kindly note that ref rcvd from m/s suez canal economic zone ( port said port authority ) the attached periodical ,

pls kindly find below free translation :


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Arab republic of Egypt

Suez canal economic zone

To : port said chamber of shipping


Pls kindly informed that the President / general of the Suez canal economic zone ( port said port authority )approved for charge the vsls (in port said port authority invoice ) which trzt the suez canal based on vessel suez canal gross tonnage ( sc grt ) , instead of international gross tonnage ( int grt )

And this apply for all vsl trzt the canal from port said ( sb convoy only ) , and has measured by sc inspectors .

And this periodical start apply from 15/7/2018

Unqute :

Above periodical mean that start from 15/7/2018 the ( port authority fees & Governmental charge ) in port said port authority invoice ( new name is : suez canal zone invoice )these two items only will calculate based on vsl sc grt instead of int grt .


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