Test closure of the storm surge barrier in the new waterway

we received following nautical information ;

Due to the annual testing of the surge barriers in the Nieuwe Waterweg (New Waterway) and the Hartelkanaal, all shipping will be obstructed on the Nieuwe Waterweg (New Waterway) and the Hartelkanaal on Saturday 17 September 2015 and Sunday 18 September 2015.

The Hartelsluis (Hartel Lock) will also be obstructed.

Furthermore, no ships or other objects will be allowed within a distance of 300m on both sides of each surge barrier.

please note;
Vessels approaching from seaward and heading for the Calandkanaal and/or the Beerkanaal can proceed as normal.

the Passage at the surge barrier in the Nieuwe Waterweg (New Waterway) will be obstructed from: Saturday 17 September 2016, from approximately 12:45 hrs lt until approximately 04:15 on Sunday, 18 September 2015, shorter if possible or longer if necessary.

Passage at the surge barrier in the Hartelkanaal will be obstructed from:  Saturday, 17 September 2015, from approximately 12:15 hrs until approximately 21:15 hrs, shorter if possible or longer if necessary.

It will NOT be posible to use the hartelsluis (hartel lock) on Saturday 17 September 2016 as from 07:00 hrs till 21:15 hrs lt.

Instructions given by the competent authority and/or from the harbour patrol boats on site must be obeyed directly.

Vessels likely to be affected by the obstruction are expressly requested to obtain timely information on the progress of the test and/or any alterations to the above-mentioned obstruction times.

Further information can be obtained by contacting:
Harbour Coordination Center, the Traffic Planning and Operations duty officer, telephone number +31-(0)10- 2521000 or VHF Channel 11.

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