Tropical Daily Planner – Atlantic

Please see the attached Tropical Daily Planner – Atlantic for Tuesday, September 05, 2017.

Atlantic Tropical Daily Planner 090517

Hurricane Irma looks very impressive on satellite this morning as the Category 4 hurricane continues to track west-northwestwards towards the northern Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Impacts across all of these islands is expected, with impacts possibly beginning around day 5 for southern Florida, though model guidance continues to remain quite spread after day 3. Invest 94L has continued to track across the open Atlantic and has recently begun to look a bit more organized over the last several hours. Invest 94L continues to have a high chance for development in the coming days, with 94L likely becoming a depression and then a tropical storm by late this week. Feature 20L has recently become Invest 95L. 95L is a trough of low pressure in the western Bay of Campeche, which is producing scattered showers and thunderstorms. Although conditions are only marginally favorable for development, model guidance continues to suggest Invest 95L may become a depression within the next five days as the system meanders around the western Bay of Campeche.

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