Tropical Daily Planner – Atlantic

Please see the attached Tropical Daily Planner – Atlantic for Thursday, September 14, 2017.

Atlantic Tropical Daily Planner 091417

Two features have been added with this update, Feature 22L and 23L, both of which are tropical waves over the far eastern Atlantic. Both features are characterized as open waves with associated disorganized thunderstorms moving westward at a steady pace. There is currently a low chance of further tropical cyclone development of these waves over the next several days.

Hurricane Jose has changed little over the past several hours. The hurricane will continue to curve toward the northwest then north over the next few days while gradually weakening. Jose is currently forecast to then track north-northeast as a tropical storm or hurricane over the open waters of the Western Atlantic. Dangerous surf will be possible along much of the Bahamas and Southeast coast over the next few days.

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