Tropical Daily Planner – Atlantic

Please see the attached Tropical Daily Planner – Atlantic for Monday, October 02, 2017.

Atlantic Tropical Daily Planner 100217

A low threat of tropical development is forecast over the next several days across the Atlantic basic. Feature 27L is presently a trough of low pressure over the eastern Yucatan and Belize, with widespread and disorganized shower activity coupled with strong upper-level winds. High wind shear is forecast to remain over the Yucatan over the next several days, however by day 4 and day 5 there may be a slight decrease in the upper level winds which could lead to some organization. It should be noted that should the decrease in the upper level winds occur, moderate wind shear is likely to remain present preventing significant organization. As Feature 27L slowly drifts to the north and north-northeast over the next five days, there is at least a low potential for tropical development of this trough of low pressure.

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