Tropical Daily Planner – Atlantic

Invest 93L
Significant Tropical Disturbance Advisory – Atlantic

Invest 93L remains a broad area of low pressure offshore Nicaragua within the monsoonal circulation, with this area of low pressure gradually becoming better organized. Into the weekend, the area of low pressure is forecast to move into the Caribbean Sea into a favorable environment, with the potential of Invest 93L becoming a tropical storm. Beyond hour 72, a strong cold front is forecast to sweep through the Gulf of Mexico, with the system rapidly accelerating to the northeast ahead and along the front. The front will additionally increase wind shear in the region, with the system quickly merging with the front and becoming and extra-tropical system.

Tropical Daily Planner – Atlantic

Over the last 6 hours, convection in association with Invest 93L has increased along the coasts of Honduras and Nicaragua. However, there are still no signs of a well-defined surface center. Moderate wind shear and land interaction with Central America will likely inhibit development over the next 24-36 hours. As the low pressure area moves father into the open waters of the northwest Caribbean Sea, a brief window for tropical development will exist. Regardless of classification, this low pressure area will enhance the threat of heavy rain and gusty winds across western Cuba, southern Florida, and the Bahamas within the next few days. As the low pressure area accelerates into the western Atlantic, it will rapidly acquire extratropical characteristics while merging with a cold front.

The remainder of the Atlantic basin is quiet. Additional tropical development is not expected over the next five days.

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