Tropical Daily Planner – Atlantic

Invest 94L is a non-tropical low pressure system which has become nearly stationary the last few hours. While favorable conditions are present to the southeast of 94L at this time, Invest 94L lacks tropical characteristics with very limited shower and thunderstorm activity. Additionally, Invest 94L is forecast to drift to the southwest over the next few days while overall vertical wind shear increases while dry air remains. As a result, a low overall potential for tropical development is forecast.

Elsewhere, a few tropical waves are noted across the Atlantic. The first is within the far western Caribbean Sea with this tropical wave forecast to continue to the west over Central America. Further to the east, a tropical wave is located near 54W with limited thunderstorm activity. However, this tropical wave remains very disorganized at this time. Across the majority of the basin, increasing vertical wind shear and dry air in the mid levels are suppressing the elements necessary for tropical development leading to a minimal threat forecast outside of Invest 94L.

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