Tropical Daily Planner – Atlantic

Invest 96L remains the lone feature across the basin this morning. This non-tropical low is producing disorganized thunderstorms over the northern periphery of the low pressure, with satellite imagery showing cool, dry air still impacting the system. 96L will need to disconnect from the dry air mass before attaining sub-tropical or tropical characteristics. At this time, there is a moderate chance of this occurring over the next couple of days as the low drift northward.

Elsewhere, a large area of increased moisture over the western and southern Caribbean Sea will interact with a frontal boundary slowly moving through the region this week. This will continue to produce widespread, disorganized thunderstorms across the region. At this time, wind shear is too strong across the region for any tropical development to occur. The southern Caribbean will need to be monitored closely as the frontal boundary stalls later this week.

Atlantic Tropical Daily Planner 111317

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