Update on forthcoming strike in Greece

Please note that in view of the government decision on a new pension fund bill that is now planned to come to a vote in parliament during the weekend, labor unions are now deciding on strikes that, up to now, seem to be as follows:

Panhellenic Seamen Association are going on strike from tomorrow 06.05.2016 morning until 10.05.2016 morning. Tug boat Crew Union that is part of the Association usually participate but they have still not announced their relevant decision. If this happens, movements (berth, unberth, channel passages shifting operations will be suspended at most ports).
Tug boat unions have announced that they will anyhow participate on the 1st of May anniversary strike on 08.05.2016 (from 06.00 hrs until 09.05.16/06.00 hrs).

General Confederation of Greek Workers are going on a 48 hour strike on tomorrow 06.05.2016
until 08.05.2016 morning while they have already announced that they are going on a strike on 08.05.2016 for 24 hours. Hellenic Petroleum Panhellenic Labor Union (being already a member of GCGW) are expected to participate (they just announced that they are participating), while it is expected that Union will not be very flexible on allowing various operations in view of the first anniversary of the tragic accident at the refinery, on 08.05.2015.

Civil Servants Confederation are going on a 48 hour strike on tomorrow 06.05.2016 morning until 08.05.2016 morning. This may affect customs’ houses, pilots and various infrastructures, depending on their Unions’ decisions and/or individual decisions.

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