Vessel Grounded – Suez Canal

As per available information from SCA,  Please be guided that a container ship (DWT: 165,960; GT:153,115 with draft on about 15.00 mtrs even keel) grounded on the canal at 145 KM on about 0620 HRS LT Jan 04th/2017 and she still grounded on same position.

Mentioned  vessel  was  number  (4)  in  Northbound  Convoy ( Northbound convoy of  today  consist of  27 vessels , 20 normal convoy, 7 early convoy, i.e. 16 vessel detained from Northbound convoy).

All  of  Southbound  convoy  vessels  have  been detained (31vessels).

Suez Canal tugs got engaged immediately and still trying to re-afloat the ship till this moment , but no further info released till this moment.

No Damages information advised yet,  delays for today’s Southbound convoy expected subject to refloating progress to clear the ship  from grounding.

Expecting some more traffic delays (for all next convoys) till floating the mentioned vessels.

We will keep you updated in due course if any additional information released.

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