Wintershall & Noc – Libya

National Oil Corporation announces the reopening of oilfields in the EJkhera.

After pressure from the National Oil Corporation and the Attorney General’s Office, EJkhera Municipality decided to reopen oil fields in the region after its closure in early November 2017.

This shutdown by Wintershall, which operates for the good fields through the NC-96 concession, resulted in the loss of 4,400,000 barrels of production and the loss of the Libyan economy amounting to two hundred eighty-one million four hundred and ninety-nine thousand three hundred and eighty-five US dollars $ 281,479,385).

It is worth mentioning that the suspension of production by the company was without the approval of the National Oil Corporation as stipulated in the interim operating agreement between the parties.

“Production is an embarrassing setback for the parallel enterprise and its campaign to close Libyan production in and around the oases,” said Moustapha, the chairman of the National Oil Corporation. “The public prosecutor will continue to investigate this crime, and the perpetrators and others who are thinking about using this tactic should realize that the closure of oil facilities and operations is a serious and serious crime that does not fall into statute,” he said.

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